Taking Comfort to The Next Level


Air Conditioning Installation

Even though Massachusetts is a northern state, air conditioning is an important feature that will allow you, your family, and your workplace to stay cool in the hot and humid summer months. J.W. Heating and AC can install a wide range of AC systems. Whether you’re installing a system for the first time, or replacing […]

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keeping your AC system at peak performance will save you money! Your Air Conditioning system needs to be serviced every year to keep it efficient. It’s just like getting the oil changed on your car – it will increase the life of your system and prevent it from breaking down when you need cool air […]

Air Conditioning Service

What to do if your Air Conditioning system breaks down: CALL OUR EMERGENCY NUMBER 781-572-6655! AC systems can break down for a variety of reasons. Improper maintenance, dirty clogged filters, refrigerant leak (freon), electrical problems and faulty parts are among the most common culprits that can affect your systems performance. Here at J.W. Heating and […]

Air Purification System

There are several means available to clean the air in your home. From traditional air filters to five-inch media filters, to electronic air filtering systems, to UV sterilizers – J.W. Heating and AC can install a system that’s right for you. Better filtration will help lessen household allergies, lessen dust mites, and help remove pet […]

Ductless Split Systems

Heating and cooling is an important part of making your home comfortable. Sometimes when people in New England add living space to their home in the form of an addition or finishing an attic space, supplying ductwork to that new space may not be an option. In those cases, a ductless split system is the […]

Emergency Heating Service

Is your heating system giving out on you unexpectedly? Call us 24/7 if you need emergency heating service. We’ll get back to you quickly and get to your location as soon as possible. During a Massachusetts winter, temperatures can drop in your home surprisingly quickly if your heating system stops working entirely. This could lead […]

Heating System Installation

Here in Framingham, Natick, Hopkinton, Newton and the surrounding towns, we have a six-month heating season. For many of those months, a quality heating system is not only important for your comfort, but imperative for you and your family’s safety. When temperatures are capable of dropping well below freezing in eastern Mass, a high efficiency […]

Heating System Maintenance

During a typical Massachusetts winter, if your heating furnace isn’t performing at its maximum efficiency, then you might as well be lighting your money on fire. During a typical service of a heating system we clean and tune the burners to run at their best – providing you with cleaner, more efficient heat at a […]

Heating System Repair

There’s nothing worse than being without heat during the cold New England winter. If your gas or propane furnace breaks – don’t fret. J.W. Heating and AC can fix it quickly and at an affordable price. We take your comfort seriously, so if you’re stuck in a pinch we’ll make it a point to get […]

High Velocity Systems

When you want to add AC and/or heat to your home and a major renovation is not in the plans, a high velocity system can be the answer. If you can’t fit conventional size ductwork in your walls, attic, or basement, the small diameter, high pressure ducts are easy and cost effective to install. Zone […]

Home Automation and Smart Thermostats

Ever get to work only to remember you forgot to turn down the thermostat at your house and it’s going to be a typical cold winter day in Massachusetts? You might spend the rest of the day regretting the money you’re wasting on heat while you’re out. Well, maybe it’s time you joined the modern […]

Hydro Air Systems

Hydro Air Systems are becoming increasingly popular in Massachusetts. They combine an air handling system and ductwork with a water heater and AC coils. The hot water gets pumped through small-diameter tubing in the air handler – heating the air moving through the system. Similarly, during the summer, the AC coils cool the air in […]

Whole House Humidification

During the long Massachusetts winter months, the air in your home can become uncomfortably dry. Dry air can lead to chapped lips, dry itchy skin, increased snoring, sore throats, inflamed sinuses, and more health problems – not to mention it’s not good for wood floors, fine furnishings and other in-home treasures. If you’ve tried portable […]