Taking Comfort to The Next Level

Home Automation and Smart Thermostats

Ever get to work only to remember you forgot to turn down the thermostat at your house and it’s going to be a typical cold winter day in Massachusetts? You might spend the rest of the day regretting the money you’re wasting on heat while you’re out. Well, maybe it’s time you joined the modern era of smart devices. J.W. Heating and AC can install a smart thermostat in your house.

Here’s just some of the features a smart thermostat can give you:

  • Remote control via the internet and/or your smart phone
  • Learning technology that learns how you like your home
  • Programmed setting to save you money
  • Humidity control
  • Touch screen controls

Check out Nest’s National Grid Rebate Program.

J.W. Heating and AC can install just about any brand, but we prefer to install only the top quality Nest and April Aire units. Don’t waste your time going to a big box store to be overwhelmed by features and units, only to make it home to discover that the thermostat you bought doesn’t even work with your system. Our heating and AC specialists can help you decide which is the right unit for you.