Taking Comfort to The Next Level

Whole House Humidification

During the long Massachusetts winter months, the air in your home can become uncomfortably dry. Dry air can lead to chapped lips, dry itchy skin, increased snoring, sore throats, inflamed sinuses, and more health problems – not to mention it’s not good for wood floors, fine furnishings and other in-home treasures. If you’ve tried portable humidifiers, you know that constantly having to refill them is a chore that rapidly becomes tiresome. A whole house humidifier can be installed on your existing system and add comfort and convenience.

There are two kinds of whole house humidification systems: evaporative and steam. Evaporative units supply water to an evaporation panel. Steam units inject steam into the ductwork to control humidification.

There are many health benefits to whole house humidification, so why wait. Call J.W. Heating and AC to evaluate what kind of a system with serve you and your budget best.